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yes, i love photography a lot...
but then, aku tak da otai2 untuk belajar dengan mereka,
and you know, i'm shy around guy, so bila orang ajak outing shooting aku x join..
sebab ada lelaki, jadi aku awkward *erk wid skyline memang mcm tu! tendang je dia tuh!
so most of my photograps, self-study and trial and error...
and i'm learning this field, slowly but surely *oke benji, gwa amik ayat lu.

every picture has their own story,
and the moments of the picture can't be rewind...
think, before you press the shutter... and..
use the chance and the moment wisely ^^,

arbok and momo... <3 <3 <3

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lovebird. <3

arbok peluk gwa!! *oke, arbok tu budak kecik tu...

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Nor, my lovely cousin.

binatang peliharaan gwa, i used to call her, MOMO

ni la gwa, time kecik2 dlu, seksi yaw! :P

this is my sister - wedding
wishing best of luck to my sister, for her marriage <3

my sistah and arbok! *arbok is my lovely cousin!



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  1. pehhhhh!!!!!! cun sehhh...t leh la guna khdmat wid tuk mjlis kawen a.ngah nati :D ngeeeeee