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Monday, March 3, 2014

Antara subjek Awesome! di UMT

Pada aku, semua subjek berkenaan Sains Samudera semua awesome! ^_^ hehe!
The more you diversify your subjects, the better chance to get work. Kos mana2 sama saja, tapi perlu bijak pilih elektif. Sebab elektif tu nanti akan menyumbang kepada peluang pekerjaan kita nanti.

Macam Sains Samudera (SS), dia boleh masuk bidang Biologi Marin sebab SS pun belajar pasal Ekologi Terumbu Karang, Toksikologi, Ekologi Muara dan Bakau.
SS boleh join ke arah sedikit nautikal dan port and shipping sebab dia ada belajar pasal Kepelautan dan Navigasi serta Pelabuhan dan Perkapalan. Perlabuhan dan Perkapalan tu, masa time aku, im the only budak malay that took this course, subjek yang diajar oleh Datin. Phew!! Nasib baik dapat B+ ,ada member aku dapat C- >.<. Then, tak ramai SS student batch aku amik subjek ni sebab kecerewatan Datin, sume pakat drop! Aku amik subjek ni, sebab nak pelbagaikan knowledge, Mr. Yong pun galakkan amik. ^_^

So, entri kali ni bukan nak cerita pasal subjek Sains Samudera yang semua awesome2 tu, tapi nak cerita pasal subjek elektif yang dari Fakulti Pengajian Sosial yang sungguh Awesome! Hanya Universiti Malaysia Terengganu je menawarkan subjek ni. Aku tahu subjek ni pun sebab dari Dr Nazli yang mengajar Spanish. At first, Dr Nazli will be going to handle this course, but now changed to Madam Azza, wife Dr Fadzil Samudera. hehe :D

SOC3003 Introduction to World Culture
3 credit hour
priority to final year student
MUET at least band 3
able to speak and mix well with people
the best thing, this subject has no Final Exam paper, but
you need to do a report at the end of this course!
An interview will be held, only 16 people will going/ selected to enroll this course.
oke, imagine the 16 of you will represent about Malaysia to the worl!
awesome kan! ^_^
yet, this course tak membebankan and so much fun! (personal opinion)
what i like, Madam Azza made all the assignment as paperless as possible
which is i like! Go green yo! save our tree! *kaching!

A lill description about this course; subjek ni samada ada dapat A atau pun F. Either you can raise your CGPA or down your CGPA. *scary. The only way to get an F is absenteeism, but easy to get A, you need to involve in every activity, and talk with your partner (partner from other university). This subject/course need us to talk about our culture at the same time learn about them. This year, 3 outside Universities will collaborate with us, first Istanbul University, East Carolina University and Jagiellonian University. Awesome right! ^_^ soo much fun! Soon there will be lotsa video conference with your partner from these universities. By right, you need to accomplish task that will assign to you and your partner soon. Mostly this course, using online credible sources and the equipment is soo canggih :D . Using video conference room at PTM, then you can use any way to connect with your partner to complete the ask (like whatsapp, Fb, skype or email).

Universities for this semester.

First few weeks, will be partnering with students from IU, later on with ECU and so do with JU.
Actually kiteorang ada 4 links untuk berkomunikasi dengan partner kita dari Universiti IU during the class time. So, we need to communicate using whatever we want like skype/fb to complete the task with our partner. Link ni macam lebih kurang 'satu hubungan atau talian', maknanya untuk IU, ada 4 link, so ada 4 hubungan kita dengan dia dalam bilik video conference yang canggih tu. hehe! Well, I cant wait, this coming Wednesday is our first time meeting IU student. There's lotsa question i wanna ask my partner about Istanbul. I know they speak Spanish! ^_^

Well, this it is! The awesome course SOC 3003 Introduction to World Culture or well known with Global Understanding (GU). InsyaAllah, akan ada trip ke IU soon. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah hehe! :D

p/s: Somehow i just love campus life. When the time we will be soo busy and having hectic lifestyle in campus, we forget the rest, but at the end we can taste the sweetness of the learning and exploring something new. I realized, campus life is not only about Dean of first class CGPA. It is our us, developing our skills, knowledge and network. Developing ourselves.

till then,
oh yep, GU is the most recommended course!
Rugi kalau tak amik! C'mon have some fun with outsiders! 
Salam a'layykum! Take care! ^_^