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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Subjek: Introduction to World Culture (Subjekt UMT yang Awesome!)

2 Ramadhan 1435H  (hip hip :D ) *Again this Ramadhan away from home

Assalamuaalaikum semua warga dunia, warga maya,
Alhamdulillah, harini masih mampu untuk update blog, baru ada kesempatan nak update, banyak betul kekangan sepanjang menjadi final year student.

Saat ini, kalau korang baca entri ni, aku da selamat menamatkan 3 tahun pengajian dalam Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Samudera. Imma proud mariner. Now, doing practical training kat CEMACS, USM ^_^

Entri rentetan dari post ini ! Introduction to World Culture, 3 jam kredit, tiada kertas peperiksaan akhir erti kata lain korang x payah nak ada final paper pun! woohoo! This subject is well known as Global Understanding. Here some of my sharing throughout this subject!
It is totally awesome! Besides, you guys will get a certificate for enrolling this subject. Anyway im not pretty sure next time ade sijil ke tak, sebab sijil ni dari ECU (East Carolina University) one of our partner university.

We are just like a family, Chinese, Indian, Malay and the Polish couldn't understand, how we can cope to live in multi-races. Its good that they curious about our country.

This is our dearest Madam Azza Jauhar. She such a nice person, so motherly
and can be our bestfriends. Always there to help me. Lebiuu madam!
Celebrate Alwani's birthday (her daughter)

During traditional night. We talk about our culture and traditional, exchange culture with them.
Obviously the Americans does not have a specific traditional cutome as well as the Polish (JU).

We have soo much fun. For me, this class doesnt burden at all. If you and active,

Our 'classroom' it is cool right! ^^, whoho~
who else other student that can seat this conference room, other than GU's student!